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Title: Wendy Bray: A Trailblazer in Wellness and Behavioral Health

In the vast landscape of healthcare and wellness, Wendy Bray stands out as a beacon of expertise and compassion. As a Doctor of Behavioral Health and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Wendy brings over a decade of coaching, speaking, and counseling experience to the forefront, making a lasting impact on individuals striving to embrace wellness as a lifestyle.

Wendy is renowned for her unique approach that places relationships at the core of the therapeutic process. Her clients appreciate her practical, street-savvy style and the fusion of real-life stories that create an intimate, intense, and individualized connection. Often referred to as the “Group Queen,” Wendy excels in leading group sessions on diverse topics and is recognized as a “Relationship Expert” for her adeptness in guiding individuals to cultivate better connections with their partners, children, friends, or co-workers.

In addition to her private practice, Wendy has served as an Assistant Director of an academic doctoral program, imparting her knowledge to future healthcare leaders. As an adjunct professor, she continues to contribute to the training of healthcare providers, ensuring they are equipped to serve patients in various healthcare settings.

Wendy’s impact extends beyond the therapy room; she shares her insights monthly through Psychology Today’s “A New Beginning,” covering a range of topics related to mental health, therapy techniques, and leading a fulfilling life. Her commitment to making a difference led her to specialize in EMDR, play techniques, holistic wellness, and positive psychology, offering a diverse toolkit to address the unique needs of her clients.

As a certified telehealth provider and supervisor, Wendy embraces the power of telehealth, enabling her to connect with individuals online and through phone sessions. Her view on wellness is refreshingly different, emphasizing that change is a moment-to-moment choice and extends beyond medication and doctor appointments. Wendy Bray advocates that wellness is for everyone, every day—a philosophy that reflects her dedication to helping individuals live their best lives.

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