Mutale Mwanza leaked twitter: The Queen Of Zambia’s Media

Mutale Mwanza is a celebrated and accomplished media personality in Zambia. Some people consider her the queen of media, while others consider her a attention seeker.

Mutale Mwanza is a beautiful media personality who has been dominating the radio and TV airwaves for several years. She has worked as a journalist, producer, voice actor, events host and businesswoman. Mutale Melissa Mwanza was born on October 22 1987 in Kitwe, the capital city of the Copperbelt province. This biography of her details everything that is known about this popular celebrity.

Information about Mutale Mwanza’s family members remains unclear. However, the media personality has been revealed to have at least one sister via some of her social media posts. As for Mutale Mwanza’s mother, little is known aside from the fact that she died.

Mutale Mwanza started primary school in 1993 at Nkana Trust. The school was later renamed Nkana Trust School, and Mutale continued there until 1999. Her post on April 28, her father’s birthday, contained a special wish for her father’s heavenly birthday. This post touched many hearts and attracted many comforting messages from people that knew Mutale.

After her first school term at St Jones Convent School, she changed schools and attended Ibenga Girls Secondary School for the remainder of her secondary education in 2004.

Mutale Mwanza earned a Diploma in Business Administration and a diploma in journalism from Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation after completing secondary education. She also joined the college to pursue higher education, and in 2006 she graduated with a Zamtel Diploma in Business Administration.

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