Work Accident in baku video complete leaked, dies after cleaning a machine in a bakery

A “Baku Work Accident Video” about the death of a woman in a bakery has been circulating on social media.

A woman died unexpectedly in a bakery in Baku. “Baku Work Accident Video” is a new popular online audiovisual material that tells the story of a woman who died while cleaning a machine in a bakery.

The woman was identified as Matanat Hasanova, 51. The accident happened in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, so the title of the video means “work accident in Baku” in Spanish.

In audiovisual material circulating on the internet, the woman can be seen getting out of her car to clean the blender, but a colleague of hers turned it on without realizing that Hasanova was inside it.

At this point, the woman was trapped and, despite the best efforts of her companions, she died from the pressure of the machine.

Seconds later, it can be seen that the people in the place begin to complain to the woman who started the blender, but the scene highlights the anguish of other workers, who are in a state of “shock”.

The exact date of the incident is unknown, but according to the publication date, the incident occurred in January 2022, and according to the popular news organization, it occurred on the afternoon of the 7th (Sunday).

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