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V. A teaching assistant is in trouble with the school district over her OnlyFans account and thinks she will be fired soon.

Kristin MacDonald publishes adult videos and pictures on a paid subscription service under the name Ava James.

Earlier this month, she received a cease and desist order from the Coquitlam School District, saying her donation violated a collective agreement she signed.

Subsequently, the area launched an investigation.

“I’ve had three meetings with the county as part of their investigation,” MacDonald told Global News.

“You have a lot of questions.”

However, McDonald said she received more than two dozen disciplinary letters for breaches of confidentiality.

MacDonald previously told Global News that, as a single mother, income from subscriber accounts supplemented her income as a teaching assistant, which she said was not enough to support her and her children.

She said the union was very supportive, and several colleagues came forward to express their support.

“I’m lucky that the union has supported me. So if they come back and make a termination decision, we will mourn it.”

MacDonald explained that OnlyFans is a consent-based platform where everyone must verify their identity to use it. She said users must also have a verified credit card, and that she never used her real name on her unique profile.

“The narrative at the beginning of the meeting was that I had done something wrong and they were there basically to punish me,” she added. “In those meetings, I did feel discriminated against.”

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