Yelle cauet video leaked, The singer Yelle recounts her sexual assault by Cauet

Yelle reveals that she was confronted with Cauet’s advances at the end of the show. She describes how he got her phone number, emphasizing that she didn’t want to give it to him. Asking for hers, she feels trapped when Cauet immediately presses the call button after she finishes recording it.

The host doesn’t stop there and, at the end of the show, he “stuck” Yelle next to him. He offers her his cheek for a kiss, but at the last moment, he turns around and kisses her on the mouth, a gesture described as sexual assault by the artist.

Yelle, 25 at the time, says the incident did not “traumatize” her. According to her, this was Cauet’s usual way of acting, and she is convinced that she is not the only victim.

A Libération investigation appears to confirm his statements, with additional testimony from another victim claiming to have been raped by Cauet. This woman, 38 years old at the time of the events, wishes to remain anonymous but insists that she did not agree.

Removed from the NRJ antenna since November 22, Sébastien Cauet continues to deny the allegations. Guest of the show “It’s not every day Sunday” on BFMTV, the host should break his silence this Sunday, November 10 and speak for the first time since the start of the affair.

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