Yorgelis Carrillo leaked on tiktok and reddit, REGALO DE MI HERMANITO

Yesterday was a lusty Saturday, full of lust, perverts, one of which was going to sharpen the mattress, as evidenced by the fact that dozens of couples from Chilanga gathered at the SexMex expo to get dirty, by the way, Helena Danaé he wore his headdress.

As the afternoon progressed, the stage at Expo Reforma was filled with erotic expressions as they tried to approach the stars of Mexican adult cinema, some of whom, if they were lucky, could reach 350 pesos in their pockets.

In the distance, you can see dozens of cell phones held among the attendees for the best images of the erotic show.

Men, women, young people and couples go through the three floors of this place full of lust in search of a show, product or toy that provides them with a new experience in the world of s3x.

Elisabeth Márquez, The Little Mermaid, Paula Ramos, Saul LaVine, Patricia Moreno, Hyde Uchi, Fernanda Muñoz, Yoglis Carrillo, Sarah Bloom, Courtney Love, Samantha Garmendia and Jessica Soddy make up the cast of the S3xMex show at the expo.

In the case of women, it is rare that one attends alone, she will enjoy it with her partner, however, they do get along with the models, hugging them, caressing them, playing and even playing with them.

But to the surprise of many, the busiest place was a swinger neighborhood, strategically closed to protect the identity of those involved. This is the space where couples meet and exchange data. People of all ages meet there.

Couples this Saturday socialize and see “exotic” things, whether with a partner or alone, go with open minds but tight wallets where one might think people are stockpiling gels, edible clothes indoors, new gadgets and even custom-made furniture for s3x. stunts, but no, the store looks lonely, even a little sad, and the place where people really congregate is the half-naked model space.

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