Yusuf Mutlu video leaked, Tragic Fight Claims the Life

In a devastating incident that unfolded on November 22 in the Merkez Habibler District of Sultangazi, tragedy struck the Mutlu family as their son, Yusuf Mutlu, lost his life in a student fight. The altercation between Yusuf, a 17-year-old student at Hasan Celal Güzel Anatolian High School, and another student named Zafer A. over a romantic matter escalated into a fatal confrontation.

Title: Tragic Fight Claims the Life of Yusuf Mutlu: A Father’s Plea for Justice

Yusuf’s father, Hüseyin Mutlu, expressed the profound grief and anguish of losing his son, stating, “They killed for pleasure. What else can I say? Don’t let other families get hurt. They should get the punishment they deserve.”

According to Yusuf’s mother, Yonca Gül Mutlu, her son hadn’t attended school on that fateful day, complaining of a stomachache. Unaware of the tragedy that would unfold, Yonca went about her day until she received a call from Yusuf in the afternoon, requesting money. Little did she know, Yusuf was heading to meet friends after school.

The encounter took a tragic turn when Yusuf came across his friend involved in a violent altercation. Despite trying to mediate and question the assailants, Yusuf became a target of the attackers himself. The assailants brutally beat Yusuf, leaving his lifeless body in the middle of the road.

“He lived three days hooked up to the machine. But he died there; they killed my son,” Yonca lamented. The attackers, including Yusuf’s so-called ‘dear friend,’ callously fled the scene after realizing the severity of the situation.

The grieving father’s plea for justice echoes the heartbreak and frustration of a family torn apart by senseless violence. As the community mourns the loss of Yusuf Mutlu, questions linger about the circumstances leading to this tragic incident, and the call for accountability grows louder.

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