Zahara dead, Bulelwa Mkutukana Singer passed away – whats happened to Zahara news today

Singer #Zahara (Bulelwa Mkutukana) in coma post-lobola celebration. Family suspects poisoning or muthi foul play. Concerns raised about fiancé Xaba’s motives. A joyous occasion turns into a worrying mystery. #PrayForZahara #SouthAfrican Ramaphosa Gumede Tau Mbalula.

Reportedly, Zahara’s two sisters have been accused of stealing her bank cards and going on a shopping spree while her husband struggles to cover her medical bills. The sisters, Lumka and Bandezwa Mkutukana, were allegedly aware of their sister’s husband, Mpho Xaba, facing financial difficulties due to the medical expenses. Despite this, they allegedly took advantage of Zahara’s bank cards for a shopping spree.

Upon learning about the situation, Xaba reportedly asked the sisters to leave their Johannesburg North home. According to a Zimoja News report, the sisters went on a shopping spree in downtown Johannesburg, buying items from fake brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Diesel, and others. The source mentioned that the shopping included cheap makeup, and the bags were filled with imitation goods.

Zahara, also known as Bulelwa Mkutukana, is currently undergoing treatment for cirrhosis of the liver at a private Johannesburg hospital. However, reports suggest that she is not responding well to the treatment. It is claimed that Xaba, Zahara’s husband, refused to allow the sisters into the hospital after overhearing them discussing life insurance matters related to his wife instead of contributing to the hospital bills.

When questioned about the allegations, the Mkutukana sisters neither confirmed nor denied the claims. Lumka responded, “Ask your source, bhuti.” Zahara’s manager, Oyama Dyosiba, expressed shock at the revelation but declined to comment, stating, “I am shocked that you know about this, but unfortunately I cannot comment on the matter.”

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