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→ MEMES REYLO 😱 And Comments

  • enero 2, 2020
  • by Jesus Torres

I knew when Rey kissed Ben Solo twitter would go nuts, but its so strange to still see Star Wars fans refer to reylo as if it were a fan created ship and not in fact, the actual plot of the film as of a few weeks ago.

Specifically the Reylo kiss and then Kylo fading away, just feels completely random and incoherent. It’s clear there was no real conviction in the direction of these characters until the last second, a bad way to make a movie!.

I’m laughing that stans think there’s a f*nnrey cut of tros, like I’m sorry but at least with our theories/conspiracies we are backed up with an accurate track record of being right and having been right about the story leading to reylo/bendemption being canon.


i have no opinion on reylo whatsoever but i will say, labeling an entire group of people as racist is :/ i understand that some people in this group may have been racist but majority isn’t and it’s not fair to label everyone that way.

Damn I never really thought about it but reylo is super toxic 😭😭 (also the reylo fanbase is crazy) and I learned that I can love both ben solo and rey without having to ship them. I actually feel like they shouldve been the twins fighting the dark side as a family.

The wood carving thing happened way before the movie was out, so I think this person is trying to twist the narrative. Although, I’m not saying that every reylo is an innocent person. Whoever did this needs to be held accountable.

That isn’t why she felt victimized. She was receiving harassment and death threats because she ships Reylo.