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It could be said that Senior Project Manager Brenda Ferreira is a combination of talent and God-given that brought her to Media Experts. Just as she was about to complete her project management certificate, the first step in a major career change, she saw a job posting for the position she now holds. Having previously worked in client operations at Dentsu, she was pleasantly surprised that a PM role like this existed within the agency.

A few months after the “perfect timing” brought her on board, she confirmed that feeling valued and heard is a big part of why she feels at home here. “I like that there are a lot of long-term residents here. It shows they care about the company and it’s reciprocated.”

In her role, she works primarily with the Bell team and she appreciates her manager’s trust and support, as well as the opportunities she’s been given in building a structure that streamlines teamwork. She says this determination motivates her to continually set high goals and seek improvements and efficiencies wherever possible.

Brenda is the newest member of Media Experts’ DEI Council, dedicated to driving real, actionable change within agencies through our work. She looks forward to working with the team and is proud to work in a place that prioritizes issues like this, which she believes gives media professionals an advantage in this regard.

This is not her first foray into such activity. While at Dentsu, she co-led the Pride BRG and participated in several community events in Montreal’s Gay Village, where she lived part-time with friends.

She has lived in Montreal for more than ten years and describes her life here as the happiest. She spends her time outdoors hiking, biking, and most recently kayaking, and plans to visit as many SEPAQ parks as possible this summer.

While she has many fond childhood memories, such as spending summers with her cousins ​​in Orlando, Florida, visiting her grandmother and visiting the beach and Disney parks, she did have a hard time coming to terms with her identity in response to strict and conservative demands. Latino community. She said Montreal’s diversity and exposure to other cultures and lifestyles opened her eyes and made it easier for her to find her authentic self.

Her close circle of friends also provided her with tremendous support through the ups and downs of her coming out experience. “My friends supported me through difficult times and opened my eyes to another world. It was very important to me that they were there to exchange ideas, talk to them and learn from them.”

She describes herself as a hard worker and combines this trait with an important value she learned from her mother: persistence. “My mother battled cancer and her passion for life and determination to keep going definitely inspired me.”

She hopes these qualities will allow her to continue bringing change to the world’s LGBTQ2+ community. While we’ve come a long way, she believes there’s still a long way to go in terms of normalization and acceptance. “It starts with education. I would like to see school curricula address these types of topics so that they are always part of the learning process for children and students. I have seen changes in my own son and his classmates, but this This change must continue.”