The video and photos of Wisconsin volleyball team leaked on reddit unblurred scandal roster

wisconsin volleyball team leaked scandal

The UW Police Department launched an investigation after private videos and photos of the university’s women’s volleyball team were released online without their knowledge.

The Badgers’ athletic department released a statement Wednesday afternoon saying they contacted the UW Madison Police Department when they realized pictures they took were being shared on social media. wisconsin volleyball team leaked reddit video twitter.

wisconsin volleyball team private photos

UW Athletics stated that private videos and photos of their volleyball student-athletes have become widely shared digitally without their intentions.

Sharing information that is not authorized by the student-athletes can be considered a serious wrong and even a potentially criminal act.

The University ofWisconsin-Madison’s Police Department is looking into multiple criminal cases including sharing photos without permission.

wisconsin volleyball team photos unblurred

After the team won the Big Ten title in November of 2017, a private photo and video were taken. The images allegedly show several members of the team posing with their sports bras lifted up. These images were never intended to be publicly released and were only supposed to be seen by a limited audience.

Removal of many images from the internet is in progress.

The University of Washington said they have a top priority of supporting their student athletes. They also stated they have the resources needed to support them.

The University of Washington’s women’s volleyball team is ranked 5th in the nation with a 13-3 record.

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